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Number Poems is a sequence of visual poems and word-only poems based on the number system derived from our being human animals: the decimals of our fingers and toes, symmetry of eyes and ears, centrality of nose and navel, and ensuing combinations of odd and even. Since numbers are an integral part of symbolic thinking, everyone everywhere has some if not many relations to numbers long before a few of us become tabulators, accountants, mathematicians, or numerologists. Furthermore, all peoples have invented some kind of calendar system to manage the cosmos with. And the lives of the specialists as persons are already imbued with the mystic, mythic, familiar, and accidental significance of numbers.

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Number Poems
by Irving Weiss

80 pages, paper, 14 cm
Includes introduction
ISBN 1-57141-037-6
Published: 1997

Price: US$5.00

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Irving Weiss
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Dix Hills, NY 11746

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